European Elections Stats



Frustrated by the lack of up-to-date information available on the European Parliament elections of 2019, we decided to create ee_stats.

ee_stats is a website using data science tools to analyse the European Parliament elections in 2019.


Our first project:
We wrote a software that provides an up-to-date projection of the seat distribution in the European parliament – both with and without the UK. This projection enables you to gauge the current political mood in the EU and is updated weekly.


Our future projects:
We are currently working on a text mining software, capable of analysing 2000~ daily news articles from Europe’s 25 biggest newspapers in the 6 most influential EU countries. This feature is currently still in beta (see preview here).


Our data:
Our seat projection data on the European elections is free to use. It has previously been used by CNBC, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, El País, France Culture, Euractiv, Die Tageszeitung, Tagesspiegel, n-tv, Hürriyet Daily News and other public and private organisations.

You can access and download all of our data via our Open Data Hub page. If you use our seat projection data, please reference us.


Our tools:
We are mostly using the programming language R for data collection, cleaning, analysis and visualization (using R Shiny). For earlier visualisations we used TableauPublic a free software for creating interactive charts and maps.


By Camille Borrett and Moritz Laurer tweets recent postgraduates in European affairs from SciencesPo Paris, Free University of Berlin and University of East Anglia, currently working in Brussels. Please email us if you have questions, feedback, criticism or if you have ideas for cooperation.